Sunday, May 27, 2007

New website and you need traffic.

So, finally got your new or first website on the world wide web. First off congrats to you. Now you're probably wondering how to get visitors to your site. Most people would tell you that getting visitors to your site is hard, but actually its not.

You just have to optimized you site for the search engines. and that part my friend is not hard at all. Other people would disagree with me but in all honesty, they're either plain old lazy. I created my website 2 months ago and in just a few short weeks (2 weeks) I got my first top listings with google, msn, and yahoo.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bulkalot-The next generation

Hello readers,

My name is Courtland Santos, Founder of bulkalot, a new ecommerce company that I've created. I'm starting this blog so I could keep an accurate log of my activities and accomplishments while trying to start my first company.

Allow me to explain what my future company does. Bulkalot allows online shoppers to purchase items like Nike, Sony, Apple, Dell, HP, etc at below wholesale prices. For years only companies like Sam's club, walmart, kmart, bestbuy, circuit city, etc were the only ones who can buy at such low prices, then come around and charge us more than triple what it cost them to the products from the manufacturers. Bulkalot is going to remedy this situation.

Never has a company like this ever provided such services to the geral public.

For many years the average online shoppers combined all over the world spends billions of dollars (80 Billion approx.) on online shopping. If you ask every online shopper out there why they prefer to shop online instead of driving to store, you'll get different responses. But, the two most average answers are; 1) They can shop from home, and 2) Its sometimes cheaper than the store down the road.

In most cases this is true, but now a days, online prices are begining to rise higher due to the increase amount of online shoppers. I strongly feel that Bulkalot will be a company that every shopper around the world would visit almost every other day.